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1 Gallon 190 Proof Ethanol

1 Gallon 190 Proof Ethanol

Food Grade

 Gluten Free

 Zero Additives

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Discover 42O Extractor: Your Go-To Buddy for High-Quality 190 Proof Food Grade Ethanol

Awesome Yields and Wallet-Friendly Pricing

Enthusiast trust 42O Extractorit's your one-stop shop for top-notch 190 proof food grade ethanol, distilled for all your extraction adventures. Whether you're whipping up tasty tinctures, amazing herbal extracts, or diving into other exciting projects, we've got you covered!


Enjoy the Difference

Our growing community of happy customers keeps coming back to 42O Extractor because they enjoy better yields without breaking the bank, we're confident you'll love it too!

We're super proud of the fantastic results our ethanol delivers. In our thorough testing, we found that 14 grams of 20.59% medical-grade herbal material yielded a whopping 2.3064g of pure extract after purging and degassing. That's an 80% recovery of a theoretical 2.883g yield, which means more bang for your buck and a more potent final product for you to enjoy.

With 42O Extractor's premium 190 proof food grade ethanol, you can have the best of both worlds for all of your botanical extractions: excellent performance and cost-effective price. Together, let's work some magic!

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Food Grade 190 Proof Ethanol

95.00% Alcohol By Volume

Gluten Free

4₂O Extractor is made with gluten free ingredients.

Food Safe Containers

Our HDPE plastic containers are food safe for storage of 4₂O Extractor.

4 Pack 1 Gallon 190 Proof Ethanol


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