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5 Gallon 190 Proof Ethanol

5 Gallon 190 Proof Ethanol

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Food Grade

 Gluten Free

 Zero Additives

When creating consumable tinctures, herbal extracts, or any other extraction uses, people continue to choose 42O Extractor for its engineered qualities that provide a better yield & for our competitive pricing. We stand by these claims. 

Through testing we've seen 14 grams of 20.59% medical grade herbal material yield a pure 2.3064g after purge & degas. That's an 80% recovery of a theoretical 2.883g yield. Meaning more value for you & your product. 
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190 proof ethanol is food grade and composed of 95% undenatured Ethyl Alcohol and 5% water. 

4₂O Extractor food grade ethanol 190 Proof complies with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).


190 Proof

95.00% Alcohol By Volume

Gluten Free

4₂O Extractor is made with gluten free ingredients.

Food Safe Containers

Our HDPE plastic containers are food safe for storage of 4₂O Extractor.

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5 Gallon 190 Proof Ethanol


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